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Better manage your money


Money and your businesses finances are the primary issues many business owners struggle over. It's no secret that the management of your business finances brings out a whole set of internal conflicts and competing priorities. But you don't have to go it alone; your business coach & mentor can help you navigate the ups and downs of cash flow, give you peace of mind, help you clarify what's a priority for your business, and more.


Work with a business coach and mentor on strategic and business planning, structural business improvement to achieve your growth objectives or plan to sell.


Corporate governance advice and compliance with current state and federal laws and regulations. Including requirements for sole traders, partnerships, companies or family trusts.


Achieve business-wide sales and marketing strategies, including both online, print media, as well as business to business sales strategies. This support will include telemarketing, direct marketing, sales staff training, proposals and tenders, and the development of sales tools for collecting metrics and reporting.

Work with your own Perth based business coach & mentor to achieve success

Develop a great team


Entrepreneurship is not a one-person show. It takes a great team to make a business successful. But where do you start? What is the best way to build a successful business team? How do you know who to hire? What if you don't have a lot of money to hire people? Please work with us to identify the importance of a business coach and mentor, identifying critical roles, hire great employees, and strengthening your skills and strengths as a business leader.

Execute your success strategy


 If you are interested in growing your business successfully, you will need to develop a realistic and sound business growth strategy. A business growth strategy is a plan for growth that includes some transparent systems, goals and measurements. But if you're going to make your idea a reality, then working with a business coach and mentor gives you a strategic advantage that will help to guide you through the execution process.


Receive advice and guidance on internal accounting, budgeting and cash flow management. To ensure the business maintains profitability by understanding Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss reports, and creditor and debtor reports. Also included is advice on debt and equity financing options.


Human Resource management including compliance to the relevant Acts; recruiting, employment and termination of staff; performance management of staff and contractors; change management implementation; leadership skills development and communication strategies.


Your business coach and mentor can advise on business operating systems, processes and procedures development. This support will lead to the improvement and implementation of quality assurance to maximise the businesses efficiency and, therefore, profit.




Your business coach and mentor will assist you in discussion/negotiations with business 3rd parties such as legal and accounting services and contractors and other service providers.


Drafting and reviewing business contracts, leases and agreements with 3rd parties, including but not limited to employment agreements; Heads of Agreement; commercial property leasing; shareholder agreements etc. These are areas your business coach and mentor can assist.


Although it may seem like a simple idea, a sounding board can have many benefits for your business. Using a business coach and mentor gives you access to a 30-year experience advantage.

Mark Robertson.

“John has always constantly delivered the right solutions at the right time for our situations as they arise. He is a highly valued member of our team ”

Greg Anderson.

“John provides the advice, stability, and outside perspective that I regard as critical in our growth and regional expansion!”


Ben Pulham

“John guided us as we changed our shareholding and then worked with us as we built a strategy to grow the business!”

Rudy Labordus

"I've worked with John for over 10 years and I have to say he is one of the most important people in my board. His strategic experience at a board level has helped shape the business over many years"

SPEAK LIVE with your own dedicated business COACH AND MENTOR. Ask them a question and have it answered immediately!

NO CONTRACTS OR LONG TERM AGREEMENTS … your relationship starts when you need them and ends when the time suits you.
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