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Our purpose is to establish, develop, strengthen and direct you as a strong, robust, and experienced leader capable of growing the business and achieving the agreed goals, regardless of your industry or challenges within the existing business/economic environment.


To establish, develop, strengthen and direct your and your management team in executing the business plan, I draw on 30 years of relevant business leadership and management experience. I focus on understanding the purpose, direction, and goals of you and your organisation, then develop your:

  • leadership and management skills,
  • business experience across finance, marketing, sales operations and human resources,
  • application of effective business systems and processes, relevant and effective organisational structure,
  • recruitment and the professional development of great team members
  • clear and compelling communication style at all levels

when we work together

In achieving the Purpose, I employ a leadership methodology. I work with you to establish within your organisation a business leadership and mentor framework utilising proven techniques to:

  • Help define the purpose, goals and objectives of your organisation (Why, How, What)
  • Restructure your organisation to meet its purpose
  • Develop recruitment systems to find and secure the best people
  • Establish responsibilities and the delegation of authority for you to hold managers accountable
  • Develop sound business habits across the organisation (especially amongst you and your management team)
  • Establish regular and structured management meetings that produce measurable outcomes
  • Develop policy’s, systems, processes, and procedures
  • Develop effective communication methods and techniques across the whole organisation
  • Establish hands-on training in leadership and management for you and the senior management team
  • Identify relevant management tools that can be implemented to improve business effectiveness and performance

You and your business

Your Business.

In achieving business success, you need to ensure your business is structured correctly. If you are yet to establish your business or within the first year as a Start-Up, it isn't easy to create value, given you need to build on past successes.  Therefore, to have the best chance of success, it is best if:

  • You are structured as either a sole trader, a partnership, trust, or Pty Ltd.

  • You have been operating your business for at least one year.

  • You have at least one or two employees working in the business with you.

  • Your business has annual revenue of at least $500,000 a year (or has strong potential to reach that figure).

Your ambition

Your ambition and vision for your business are critical.  It will be this vision that drives everything we do; therefore, if you don't believe the business can be a success, achieving success will be almost impossible.  We have found that:

  • It would be best if you were the owner, director, or senior manager of the business to make decisions.

  • You believe the business has excellent potential to grow over time, and given the right resources and management, success is undoubtedly achievable.

  • You know you can't achieve it alone and that building a solid team behind you will be the cornerstone to achieve your goals and grow the business successfully.

  • You understand that there is no magic wand for business success. It is achieved over time from your application, discipline, and the employment of fundamental business skills, knowledge, and insight.
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